Love Notes: 

"Since I am a corporate event planner I wasn’t going to have a coordinator and in the month leading up to the wedding, I started to realize that I wanted someone on site to make sure everything stayed on schedule and to execute the plan I put together. Brittany was amazing, absolutely amazing. I am so glad we hired her. From helping to ensure we stayed on schedule, handing out final payments and taking care of every single person of the bridal party. She took care of our parents and brought them their drinks. One of the best things she did was put together a plate for my husband and I (our wedding was stations, not sit down dinner). She put the plates at a table in the sideroom of our venue with champagne and then came and grabbed us away from making the rounds with our guests. Those 10 minutes on our own was perfect and I honestly don't think we would have been able to eat if she hadn't done that. My family adored her since she was so attentive. If you don’t think you need a day of coordinator, I urge you to reconsider and call Brittany!" - Catherine H.

"Brittany at Jolie Designs and Events was amazing as a day of coordinator. She met with my husband and I multiple times before the actual wedding day, as well as responded to countless emails from me before the day of the wedding had even arrived. The day of the wedding she assisted with set up and made sure everything stayed on schedule. A definite life saver! She also made sure we were comfortable, happy, and that our needs were taken care of throughout the entire night, start to finish. I would recommend anyone thinking of a wedding coordinator for anything from the entire planning process to just a day of coordinator to use this company. She was so amazing and helpful just for the day of, I cannot even begin to imagine how awesome it would have been to have her guidance throughout the entire process." - Miranda M. 

"Brittany was AMAZING!! My wedding would not have gone smoothly if I hadn't hired her. I had all the planning done for the wedding, but it was a HUGE asset to have her help out. The little things on the day of ran smoothly because of her. I 100% would recommend her to anyone looking for help the last week/day of your wedding. She was helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. I owe everything of my wedding to her, and to think I almost didn't get a coordinator! WOW thank you BRITTANY!!" - Denton F.